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      1. 本網各頁面獨有的文字、LOGO、域名以及其他標識均為本網的視覺識別標志,未經授權禁止盜用,違者本網將追究其侵權責任;

      2. 凡本網注明來源為“機器人科技網”的所有文字、圖片、音視和視頻文件,版權均為機器人科技網獨家所有。任何媒體、網站或個人轉載使用時,須注明來源“機器人科技網”,擅自盜用者本網將追究其侵權責任;

      3. 本網轉載并注明其他來源的稿件,均來自互聯網或業內投稿人士,版權歸屬原所有人。轉載稿件中表達的觀點并不代表本網的立場;

      4. 您一旦注冊成功成為本站用戶,您將得到一個密碼和帳號。如果您未保管好自己的帳號和密碼而對您自身或第三方造成損害,您將負全部責任;

      5. 網友在文章中留下的電子郵箱、電話、手機、微信、QQ等聯系方式,請您認真核實,切勿輕信,由于虛假信息造成的經濟損失,本網不負責任;

      6. 本網評論區中網友的評論只代表網友個人觀點,不代表本網的立場;

      7. 網友發表的內容,若存在非法、有害、虛假、涉密、侵權、灌水等情況,本網有權對其屏蔽或刪除;

      8. 本申明一旦發生變動,將會在本頁面上提示修改內容,請您隨時留意。

      Website Statement

      1. The text, logo, domain name and other unique marks of the website are the visual identification marks of the website. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

      2. All texts, pictures, audio and video files indicated in this website are copyrighted by Robot Technology Website exclusively. Any media, websites or individuals shall indicate the source of "robot Technology network", the network will investigate the infringement liability of unauthorized use;

      3. All manuscripts reprinted and indicated in this website from other sources are from the Internet or contributors in the industry, and the copyright belongs to the original owner. The views expressed in the reproduced articles do not represent the position of this website;

      4. Once you have successfully registered as a user of this website, you will receive a password and account number. If you do not keep your account and password properly and cause damage to yourself or a third party, you will be fully responsible;

      5. Email, telephone, mobile phone, wechat, QQ and other contact information left by netizens in the articles, please verify carefully, and do not credulous , economic losses due to false information, our network is not responsible;

      6. The comments in our website only represent the personal viewss, and do not represent the position of our website;

      7. The net has the right to block or delete any illegal, harmful, false, confidential or infringing contents.

      8. Any change to this statement will be prompted on this page. Please pay attention to it at any time.

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